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Ian Quick and Elliott Smith with Paul Daniels
Endorsed by Paul Daniels Internationally known and respected Magician, television personality, author and lecturer.


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by Elliott Smith and Ian Quick

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The Cold Call

(Excerpt from Chapter Eighteen)

The Cold Call: Have you ever tried to get on the phone and call a perfect stranger in the hopes of getting a booking? It’s terrifying! Getting on the phone and calling someone out of the blue is probably the biggest fear faced by most every business seeking out new clients. There’s something uncomfortable about the whole process. This fear then becomes an obstacle to your success.

The first time I made a cold call, I felt like I was intruding. I felt like I was bothering people. Part of the reason I felt this way is because I know it bothers me when sales people call me at home. I get so tired of phone salesmen that I hang up on them. I imagine the frustration and rejection they must feel and I don’t want to have to go through the same thing with my business. (See CHAPTER EIGHTEEN)

What do I do now?

Thanks to the “HIGHWAY TO SUCCESS” system, all the terror of the cold call is taken away and replaced by an easy to follow method where calling a stranger becomes calling a business prospect. NO MORE awkward introductions, NO MORE confusion on what to say, NO MORE quick rejections before you even make your pitch. With “HIGHWAY TO SUCCESS” you can turn your cold call into a warm one.


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